Tuesday, 26/9/2017 | 5:55 UTC+0

The Cage Cage is a virtual cage surrounded by Nic Cage, Nic Cage, Nic Cage, and Nic Cage

For those who love the idea of being surrounded on every side by Nicolas Cage, I have good news! For everyone else, I still have good news. It’s called The Cage Cage, and it’s a browser-friendly VR simulation of what it would be like to be trapped in a cage and surrounded by Nic Cage films. It’s as awful as it is magical, just like most Nic Cage movies.

Mike Lacher and Chris Baker, two self-proclaimed Nic Cage fans, made the site. Lacher told The Verge the idea was inspired by their love of watching Cage “losing his mind on-screen,” and the sheer humor of the name The Cage Cage.

“In terms of the clips, they show the kind of Cage we love: freaking out and making deeply weird choices,” Lacher says. “They tend to skew toward some of my favorites in the Cage cannon: The Rock, The Wicker Man, Face/Off, and Bad Lieutenant [Port of Call New Orleans]. With a good smattering of others.“

The Cage Cage is easy to try. As soon as you load the site, you’re surrounded by screens playing clips from some of the aforementioned movies. It’s chaos. Audio from every movie blares simultaneously, making it impossible to enjoy a single thing at a time. Instead, you are dunked into Cageland with no possible escape — except closing the browser. You can look away from Cage, but you cannot escape his spit-heavy performances.

Lacher says the project took just a few hours to make using aframe.io and some free concrete textures. “Thusly a great masterpiece was completed,” he says.

It might just be the Stockholm Syndrome talking, but after a few minutes in The Cage Cage, Nicolas Cage’s harmony of screams eventually fades into a hypnotizing, ambient sound. It’s sort of like being in a noisy cafe, if every patron was swearing and screaming about bees.